Undead Encounter Dice – Large Zombie


Zolara crept through the graveyard on her nightly patrol. There had been disturbances of fresh graves resulting in, what the town council referred to as “a regrettable outbreak of body snatching.” Those dolts could not see a pattern if it was pointed out to th… She suddenly darted behind a gravestone as the sound of splintering timbers echoed amongst the headstones. Bestial grunting followed and the mercenary could see the huge shape up ahead with a body tucked almost lazily under one arm. It’s one baleful eye scanning the darkness as if waiting for something. That’s when the smell reached her…

The large zombie appears on the Undead Encounter dice. This can represent a minotaur, as pictured, or any other large humanoid or non-humanoid monster you wish. The Undead Encounter is a stretch goals in the Encounter Dice campaign launching on the 1st of September.

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